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Hello Fans, Sponsors & Competitors,

We are excited about bringing you the first Bodybuilding & Fitness show in Trussville. It’s going to fun and outstanding. I received an email this morning (8/20/14) from our special guest, Ronnie Coleman, see below:

From:  Ronnie Coleman
To:  Samuel Jones

Yes I had surgery on Wednesday and there was some complications with my hip, there wasn’t enough bone so the Dr had to do a bone graft. Normally the hip replacement surgery takes about 3 weeks to heal but because I had the bone graft it going to take 6 weeks to heal. So because its gonna take me 6 weeks that runs into the time of your show. If would have been the normal 3 weeks I could have done your show but because its gonna take 6 weeks I can’t do your show. So therefore I’m gonna have to cancel the appearance on September 5th. Sorry about the misfortune because I really wanted to do the show because I’ve never done a show there and I always have a lot of fun in the small towns.

I was thinking maybe we could reschedule it for next year when I’ll be completely healed and be in better shape. Well you let me know because as of now I’m wide open. Once again sorry about the mishap and hope we can make it up for another time. Thanks for giving me the opportunity. Hope to hear from you soon.


As you can see from his email, there were some complications from his surgery on Wednesday (8/13), and he cannot make the show. However, we are still moving forward and are excited about this event on September 6. It’s going to be a great show, and we hope to see you there. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 205-901-0759.
Samuel Jones